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You made a promise, and we’ll help you keep that promise.

''I promise I'll never put you in one of those places.''

So many people today still think of the stereotypical “rest home” when it comes to assistance for senior citizens, but that’s just not true anymore. There can be dozens upon dozens of choices just in your local area.¬†However, that usually leads to one overwhelming question:

Which homes have the right services and environment for the right price in my area?

We’re glad you asked!

We will…

    • Consult with your loved one to determine the best plan of care.
    • Work closely with with medical professionals to ensure all needs are being met and all necessary paperwork is in compliance.
    • Negotiate all aspects of placement – rate, location, care level – to help you stay within budget.
    • Arrange a presentation of several homes we have previously assessed that fit your negotiated criteria.
    • Continue to be an advocate for them – and for you, too – by following up on their care, and answering any questions that may arise.

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