Elderly looking out the window confused.

“Would you just drop it? Mom’s fine!”

But she’s not. It’s almost normal how families ignore the steady decline in health: the falls, wandering, confusion. How the denial gets deeper and deeper.

''The signs were all there, I just didn’t want to see them.''

The time you’re spending with her is just quantity; she needs true quality time for her care. Every day, we hear how families “should have done this a year ago”, and that they “didn’t realize how hard [they] were making things”, and that, “the signs were all there – I just didn’t want to see them.”

Signs & Symptoms

Changes of habits
Different sleep habits
Difficulty sitting through hobbies
Excessive bumps and bruises
Falling more often
Forgetting to lock the doors at night
Going to bed with the oven on
Objects appearing in strange places
Personality changes
Significant weight loss
Staying in bed
Unsteady gait

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