Two elderly women laughing at their residential care home.

What are residential care homes?

When living at home is no longer an option, residential care homes offer a safe alternative for adults to live, make friends, and pursue hobbies. These long term care facilities offer personalized services to a certain number of adults and are devoted to provide comfortable, home like lodging, meals and care to adults in their daily living activities.

  • “It really was like a home Mom grew up in. In the dining room, there were three ladies and a gentleman having lunch and sharing their day. The conversation was a bit disjointed, but they all seemed happy. When they got up from the table, they all felt okay in asking for help. I saw just how much assistance is provided in case Mom needs it, especially with getting in and out of bed and all her daily needs, including med monitoring. This was a dream come true! My Mom loves her room and her new friends. I can finally tell her this is her home, and she will never have to move again.

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