Our Founder

For over thirty years, Sherry has been devoted to caring for the elderly. Her passion for life focused into seniors upon volunteering at several nursing homes and Assisted Livings by the age of 12. Since then, she’s been a nurse’s assistant, a social worker, an administrator, and regional marketing director.

Sherry, and business owner Jimmy Kennan, and her team of Placement Agents, are always amazed at how little people know about caring for seniors.¬†Alternative Beginnings’s goal is two-fold:

To refer the best care for the elderly and to educate loved one's friends and family about the types of care that are available.

To tackle the problem of finding adequate housing for seniors on low or fixed income, Sherry has founded a non-profit program called Kindness & Caring for Seniors in honor of her late son, Kevin.

Since 2003, Alternative Beginnings has been expanding throughout California and has begun services in several regions of the western United States.


Sherry Cardenas

Masters in Social Work
Long-Term Care/
RCFE Administrator